Project Description

Totally dedicated to her craft as a painter, in the course of her existence Keller lived immersed in the art of her time, spending time with colleagues and art critics, collecting and transmitting to us documents and materials that can now be studied to improve understanding of some events important in her biography and the cultural climate in which they had a part.  Her career, including exhibitions and private clients, mainly made up of the upper Milanese and international bourgeoisie, developed from the twenties traversing the whole cultural-political parabola of the Fascist Era, continuing almost uninterruptedly until the end of the fifties, to fade away gradually until 1969 (the year she died). Through the vast collection of Keller’s letters (still being digitalized)  episodes, artistic events, cultural passages, and the dynamics of the art market can be clarified with great precision – especially Milanese fashion from Fascism to the Republic – thanks to the complex network of relationships of which the letters, preserved in the Archivio Elisabetta Keller, are a living testimony.

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