Project Description

The Archivio Elisabetta Keller’s  photographic section is among the most valuable collections of materials directly concerning the artist.  The quantity and quality of the photographs, whether on paper or on glass plates developed with bromide salts, concerns the materials produced for her studio as a portrait painter, but also images of family life among which, perhaps the most intense and significant are, for example, those of Keller, still very young, hiking in the mountains or those portraying Villa Keller in Monza and its inhabitants in the Belle Epoque’s last dazzling hurrah. The Kellers’ familiarity with photography has allowed us to bring together a portfolio of vintage images of exceptional value that are also fundamental for reconstructing some compositional changes in dozens of portraits by Elisabetta, who could boast many clients among the Milanese high bourgeoisie that loved to be portrayed by the young independent artist, so deft with her pastels.

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