In this section you can get in touch with the Elisabetta Keller Archives © regarding historic and scientific research, academical needs or if you require the services of our experts for the authentication of works attributed to the artist. The authority of the Archives, both in terms of historiographical notations, and regarding authenticity assessment of the art works derives primarily from the considerable information resources that we have collected and materially preserved: documents, records and diaries signed by the painter, lists of commissions and catalogue photos, paintings and drawings directly linked to the painter and his inheritance, and more. Secondly, beyond the large body of historical documentation preserved by the Elisabetta Keller Archives ©, another essential aspect of our work is scientific investigation and cataloguing of the media collected. This careful research is curated by a group of experienced art history academics, renowned for their work in this field.


Among the fundamental goals of the Elisabetta Keller Archives © is to collect documents and information of various kinds, even outside of the archive’s sources, in order to classify and preserve the collected works of Elisabetta Keller. L’Archivio Elisabetta Keller è altresì impegnato nella ricerca delle opere dell’artista presso i committenti originali dislocati tra Europa, Svizzera e Stati Uniti.



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